99 cent Erotic Box Set: NASTY ~ Curvy Girls & Alpha Mind Readers

Dear reader, I’ve just published my new collection, Nasty: Curvy Girls and Alpha Mind Readers. It includes five hot short reads. I get thrills from men right on the edge of being too bad. You know what I mean. With my psychic heroes, you get the ideal fantasy lover. He knows how far to go. He ravishes you just right.

These are instalove romances, meaning the characters fall hard and ignite hot and fast.

Nasty Box

Nasty is a collection of sexually explicit short romances. As I put this group of novellas together, I enjoyed exploring the way the theme of the mind reader hero runs through them.

I plucked Abducted from my erotica pen name and rewrote it. Aside from being a bit blunt in its sexual language, it was a fit with the other books. It nestles right between Avenger and Sold, meant to be, just as my heros and heroines are meant to be together. I adore adventure stories. Abducted is the tale of a plus-size model who gets abducted from a cruise ship–by a hot pirate captain. Yes.

Baby Countdown 4 Riven


Early in my romance-writing adventure, I tried to write straight-on contemporary. The books ended up riding the paranormal fringe and incorporating crime. In Thug and Avenger, my He Takes duo, I developed the psychic hero. These under-wraps bad boy billionaires find themselves needing an heir–and encountering a curvy heart-stealer. Not many people discovered these books, but no one objected to the paranormal or gritty elements that made them fun to write. They reached a wider audience collected as Baby Countdown.

Shieks are such classic romance heroes, and they figured in my earliest sexual fantasies. I succumbed to the urge and wrote Sold. This was so much fun to write.

Nasty 3

Towed is my most recent book with a mind reader hero, and the darkest one. It’s also sweet and tender. For this one, I dared to mention ‘mind reader’ in the subtitle. The initial response was great.

If you want my all time darkest lover, read White Trash Takes the Billionaire’s Daughter.

The inside story on the books in Nasty is I had a psychic connection with my first lover.


Please note: The book is available to borrow only in Amazon stores that have the Kindle Unlimited program, which now includes the store for Australia and New Zealand. Authors and publishers have no control over KU. Due to changes in the program, my books will be available in KU for only 90 days each, and some of them will not be in KU at all.

Dirty Knight 4g

More of my books are coming out on other retailers. Dirty Knight: A Dad’s Friend Shifter Romance is now live on Smashwords, itunes / ibooks, Google Play, and by the time you read this, it might be on Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Tolino as well.

Werewolf’s First Love will be coming out on multiple online bookstores soon.

Werewolf's First Love new 6

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