99-cent Erotic Beauty & the Beast: Mr. Beast ~ an innocent in the lion man’s lair ;)

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My new erotic fairy tale, Mr. Beast, is on sale for 99 cents on Amazon. This is an updated retelling of Belle’s coming of age at the paws of the cursed recluse. It features themes you won’t find even in the evolved Disney version. This adult fairy tale is rated 18+ due to sexual content and mature themes. It’s under my paranormal pen name, Aly First.

A dutiful daughter, tightly closed as a rosebud. A cursed, obsessed recluse. In the enchanted woods, anything can happen.
Belle’s father gives her to Mr. Beast. The tormented half-lion man fascinates and beguiles her—when he isn’t being maddening. One mistake in her new world could be fatal. 18+

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I huddled under the quilts in my nightdress. The fire died, the chill crept over me like a shroud.

I endeavored to remember a bedtime story to hold back the dark. The parade of witches, murderous queens, brier-covered castles and grotesque figures didn’t help. So often in Nanny’s tales, there’s something about to eat you. Even inanimate things like forests or ovens wait to swallow you. Hansel held out a bone to the witch to prove he was too thin to eat. What could I offer Mr. Beast to induce him to spare my life?

I pictured long, wet teeth, so sharp in his big jaws.

Bring me a prince instead. I imagined good witches bending over my cradle, giving their blessings. Let there be someone with the power to save me from being eaten by the beast.

Each time I drifted toward the handsome prince’s arms, unfamiliar sounds startled me awake.

Please note: The book is available to borrow only in Amazon stores that have the Kindle Unlimited program, which now includes the store for Australia and New Zealand. Authors and publishers have no control over KU. Due to changes in the program, my books will be available in KU for only 90 days each, and some of them will not be in KU at all.

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